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External thermal insulation wall plug

A new Esinplast patent for stable fastening of hinges and shutter stops on externally insulated walls.

Esinplast has patented a wall plug specifically for application on externally insulated walls.

This type of wall plug, in fact, solves the problems related to thermal transmittance, thus preventing the loss of insulation between walls and the exterior. This is due to the presence of a special insulating sleeve placed at the end of the wall plug, in the part inserted in the external insulation that does not compromise the thermal sleeve.

In addition, compared to the threaded rods and hinges, commonly used in externally insulated walls, the Esinplast wall plug offers greater resistance to bending, thus preventing the creation of holes and therefore heat loss.

Its high resistance and durable seal means that the wall plug can also be applied to shutters of 50 Kg.

Another advantage of the wall plug is its ease of installation, since it can be applied with a simple resin jet.

The wall plug is also cheaper compared to other commonly used solutions on the market.


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