Over the years Esinplast has developed a high level of know-how in the moulding of any type of thermoplastic and technopolymer material that has achieved the highest level of quality standards.

The company has a modern, largely automated mould workshop consisting of presses and high-tech systems. Among them are particularly worth mentioning the centralized granule distribution system which enables the simultaneous moulding of up to 10 different materials and press masterizers which can mould up to 17 colour parts at the same time. The workshop is also equipped with a dehumidification system for the treatment of raw materials and two humidification furnaces able to ensure the correct stabilization of the mechanical characteristics of the finished products 

The moulding activity is organized such as to manage production by batches and series This is combined with high production flexibility that enables Esinplast to produce anything between small lots to large series 

The company has obtained the quality certification ISO 9001:2000 for moulding plastic materials and for the design and construction of moulds